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Flipper - Tambour Door Cylinder Body

Your appliance garage door deserves a good lock as much as your regular garage door. With a Timberline cam lock body for tambour and flipper doors, you can adapt the CompX Timberline lock plug system for use with these specialty door types. These lock cylinders have a hooked cam designed for securing doors that flip up, slide vertically or slide horizontally. 180-degree cam rotation means they only lock or unlock when you really want them to, and the key can be removed in either the unlocked or locked position.

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CompX Timberline CB-181 Lock Cyl Body Only, Flipper / Tambour Door, 180° Rotation, Horiz, 3/4 Material, Cyl 3/4, Setback 13/32, Cam Ext 29/32in
SKU: 10148067
Manufacturer's Part: CB-181

$2.36 Each
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Use a tambour lock cylinder body for kitchens, bathroom, closets and anywhere else that you have non-standard cabinet doors. Woodworker Express guarantees you'll be satisfied! Choose between a horizontal or vertical mount lock bodies with a ¾-inch cylinder and then select the specifications right for your project. Our staff has decades of experience working with Timberline products and will help you find the right cylinders, lock plugs and accessories for your flipper door or tambour door. You'll also get the lowest prices and same-day shipping from our warehouse. Let us show you why we're known as the most reliable woodworking supplier!