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Once again the Holidays are creeping up on us and the prospect of finding the perfect gift is looming large. We here at Woodworker Express have taken on the traditional gift list and given it an "Out of the Box" (sorry, cabinetmaker joke!) spin to help you find just the right item for everyone on your list!

Let’s take a look at some commonly given gifts...

Traditional Gift #1: Jewelry

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So why not bring them into your decor? We have a great selection of jeweled and crystal knobs and pulls that will bring the sparkle and shine of the holidays right to your kitchen.

"Jewelry for your cabinets!"

Amerock Glacio Glass/Acrylic KnobsAmerock Traditional Classic Glass/Acrylic Knobs

But, if you are giving the real thing,….Why not include a way to organize all that bling? We carry a selection of jewelry storage products from Rev-A-Shelf that keep all your treasured pieces safely organized.

Image of Jewelry Drawer inserts for a dresser

Traditional Gift #2: Pajamas, Robes, Sweaters and Slippers

Whether a kid or an adult, we have all received at least one pair of pajamas, a robe, sweater or slippers as a gift. And while Woodworker Express does not carry clothing, we do carry a dazzling array of Closet Accessories to help you store all those lovely gifts!

Big or small, any closet can benefit from organization.

Adding Baskets to a closet increases folding storage to make hanging space less cramped. They come in a variety of widths and finishes to suit any decor.

Closet Baskets - Brushed Nickel finishCloset Baskets - Oil Rubbed Bronze finish

A Valet Rod is another great tool for organizing your closet. Hang your outfit for the next day so you can get dressed and go or hang your holiday party outfit choices to help you put together the perfect ensemble! It is also great when putting away dry cleaning. Simply hang your clothes on the valet rod and put away items one at a time keeping them wrinkle free.

Valet rod holding a green sweater on a hanger

Check out these products as well as many more including hampers, pants racks, shoe racks, and tie racks to help you easily create the closet of your dreams (…or someone else’s)!

Traditional Gift #3: Kitchen Appliances

Toasters, mixers, food processors, etc… We already have them or want them this year as our holiday gift. But, they take up valuable or maybe limited counter space. The dilemma is how to store them where they remain functional and still enhance your kitchen?

If you have or are getting a stand mixer, a mixer lift may just change the way you work in the kitchen! This heavy duty mechanism allows you to create a custom shelf that perfectly matches your cabinet. Install the lift to bring your mixer or any other small appliance from its place stored in the cabinet below up to countertop height. Magic!

A Mixer Lift brings your appliance from storage to countertop height with ease.

If you store your small appliances on the counter, then an appliance garage may be just the solution for you. Appliances garages allow you to hide your toaster, blender or other small appliance behind flush mount doors and slide them out with ease when ready to use. And, with a variety of sizes and material types, you are sure to find the perfect match for your kitchen.

Appliance Garage - straight counterCorner Appliance Garage

Traditional Gift #4: A NEW CAR!!!!!!

If you are gifting a lucky someone or are the recipient of a new vehicle, CONGRATULATIONS! What a great gift! But, you do not want you new ride to live in a messy, unorganized garage! And, with the change of seasons, you may be bringing extra items such as bikes and game equipment back into storage.

A new car in the garage

There are many products to help you organize and take advantage of extra space in your garage. A Ceiling Rack can be just the trick to store seasonal items such as tents, folding chairs and coolers in typically unused ceiling space until you need them again.

Install a ceiling rack for extra storage

Use vertical space by installing Slatwall panels. Use Slatwall accessories to create the storage that is right for your needs. The panels come in a variety of finishes and 2 standard lengths for easy installation. Choose the accessory that fits your storage needs. From shoe racks to small tool storage you are sure to find just what you are looking for.

Slatwall Tool Rack Accessory #1Slatwall Shoe Shelf Accessory #2Slatwall Tool Rack Accessory #2

While the gifts from this list may not be traditional, we think you will find any of them would be well received by even the Grinchiest of your loved ones. These ideas can be just the jumping off point to your gift giving ideas. With THOUSANDS of items on the site, Woodworker Express can be a big part of your holidays!

Express Eddie Holding a gift

Happy Holidays!