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Northern Safety

Safety in the Shop Should Be Your #1 Priority!

Protect Your Eyes

Safety Glasses

Eye injuries alone cost more than $300 million per year in lost production time, medical expenses, and worker compensation. Be safe and stylish with our offering of safety glasses.

Save Your Hearing

Ear Plugs

Prolonged noise exposure, even in lower dBs, still does damage to your hearing. Put ear plugs in or wear headphones to save your hearing for the future.

Protect Your Lungs

Dust Mask

Woodworking shops are full of airborne contaminants from sawdust to chemical fumes. Protect your lungs and your breathing by wearing respirators or dust masks depending on your needs. We carry a full line of disposable masks and reusable masks with replaceable cartridges and filters. Decrease your exposure!

Ventilate the Shop

Shop Fan

Ventilate the shop by blowing contaminants and fumes outdoors with a shop fan. Or, use a pedestal fan to cool the shop when it's warm out. Air movers are great to help dry down a space after a liquid spill.

Save Your Hands


Work gloves are essential to staying safe and productive in our industry. Protect your hands from unnecessary wear and damage, and minimize injuries to them from workplace accidents. Need gloves? We'll give you a hand.

Protect the Rest of Your Body


Your hands, eyes, and hearing aren't the only parts of your body that need protection. Sometimes you also need to protect your body from head-to-toe. We have protection for all of your specific needs.

Stay Properly Hydrated

Igloo Cooler

A lot can happen in a workday in the shop. If someone isn't hydrated properly, they can become weak or lethargic. Keep everyone in the shop from getting thirsty by providing a cooler full of refreshments.

Be Prepared When Accidents Do Happen

First Aid

Not every accident can be prevented. Accidents will and do happen but, if your shop is prepared, injuries or damage can be minimized and give help a chance to get there. Keep your workplace well-stocked with all of the important items you need to help during an accident.

Cleanup and Keep the Shop Safe

Spill Cleanup Kit

When spills in the shop happen, it pays to clean them up fast to prevent injuries or further problems. We carry a great line of Northern Safety cleanup kits for minor spills and even containment kits for hazardous spills.

Shop Aids


Help out in the shop with material handling aids, power cord extensions, and work lighting.

Northern Safety