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Coupons and Specials

Coupons and Specials




Amerock Coupon
Promo code: NOVA25
Belwith Products Coupon
Promo code: BEL25
Berenson Coupon
Promo code: BER150
Liberty Coupon
Promo code: LIB25
Laurey Coupon
Promo code: LAU10
Siro Designs Coupon
Promo code: SIRO25
Sugatsune Coupon
Promo code: SUG15
Colonial Bronze Coupon
Promo code: CB15


Coupon Sharing Websites Disclaimer

Woodworker Express issues coupons at various times throughout the year on our website and through email. All coupons have a limited amount of time associated with them and then they expire except for the coupons shown above. Please join our mailing list to be included in our distribution list to receive coupons (Click here to go to our mailing list signup and receive 5% off your next order).

We DO NOT, however, work with any coupon sharing websites nor do we send our coupons directly to them. But, our coupons do end up being published on these websites. We have found in our research that the coupon sharing websites often fail to share our coupon expiration dates and even mix up other company coupons with ours making it look like we have a promotion when we don't. Please take all coupon sharing site promotion codes you find with a grain of salt as they can be and often are misleading.

With that said, please freely use any of our active coupons shown above.