Mondays with Mike…5-16-2022 Edition Sixteen

Update your kitchen with farmhouse style.

Another Monday, another fantabulous kitchen to spill stuff on/into/around. Actually I did just that yesterday at a kids birthday party. I filled up my fashionable and pre-chilled ‘all weather’ cup with a bit too much Green River, and during the ice/soda volcanic reaction we’ve all come to know, it runneth o’er onto their nice glass table. They quickly handed me a paper towel to rectify my idiocy, but there was still a massive sugar glaze/haze when I looked down through the table at my socks. ‘Mom’ assured me it was no big deal, she’d just wipe it down with cleaner after we left. I felt like I was six years old again, but I guess, at least I didn’t spill any on the floor. It’s the small victories, right?

I guess I was starting to talk about the awesome kitchen here, so I’ll continue. The white countertops and bright natural light here make me feel like I’m on vacation. I’d expect you could probably read a book here at the counter with no artificial lighting up until probably 9:00pm. Farmhouse style touches include barn door hardware and matching the ceiling support beam wood tones with the floating shelves…AND the stool-like chairs makes this “shrine-esque.” I’ll quickly mention that those floating shelves along with the seemingly unnecessary (at least during the day) LED puck lighting can both be purchased at I’ve noticed that the pull-down faucet chosen here comes across as super elegant and bright, and thusly quite decorative in character…but be advised, they are ‘real world’ ready and these are found in our online shop, as well.

Looks like we’ve got a nice double oven on display here, too. My wife always mentions that she’d love to have one, but we don’t really eat/cook enough to justify buying one. It’d certainly qualify as one of those purchases where you use it (maybe) a couple of times a year, but somehow continue to convince yourself you can’t live without it. SMH!

Look…I LOVE this kitchen, but if I’m asking to see inside the horse’s mouth, do the adjacent cabinets perhaps ascend a wee bit higher than the average NBA star’s height? Crikey! That top glass cabinet might require a call to the local fire dept. to bring in a ladder to reach it.

Since your eyes are still looking upward, notice the super discrete range hood. I mentioned in last week’s edition the brilliant range hood being used and here again, we’ve got another fantastic hood, albeit this one blends in so well, we might want to consider it ‘camouflage chic’. Not in the traditional sense, of course, but here it’s just so cleverly discrete. If that term ‘camouflage chic’ somehow takes off in a ‘viral’ kind of way, you heard it here first and I, for sure, want a piece of that action.

OK, I’m off for now, but who reading this thought it odd that I didn’t address the yarn dish they’re serving for lunch? It’s all about the fiber, I suppose.

A modern farmhouse kitchen using wood accents and contemporary hardware
Photo courtesy of Houzz Modern Farmhouse | 2019 Dry Creek Parade

Mondays with Mike…5-9-2022 Edition Fifteen

Accenting a neutral palette with bronze tones and distressed wood.

So, I’ve been watching quite a few Netflix true crime documentaries as of late and have found it’s a fantastic way to ensure yourself of a worrisome and tense night of sleep. If you’re looking for one of those stiff-neck next mornings, then those series episode are sure to deliver (for additional discomfort, crack bedroom window enough to allow for cold air entry). Speaking of viewable entertainment, who would’ve imagined that we could watch TV whilst also grabbling into the fridge for your lunchtime ale? There’s some pretty cool technology out there…and we love to buy it! So why not accent your technology with oil rubbed bronze hardware and distressed wood.

Fantastic refrigerators with 4K TV’s aside, we’ve got a kitchen for the ages here. There’s no doubt I’m a huge fan of gray tones, but let me be upfront on this: I typically wouldn’t equate oil-rubbed bronze as the finish de rigueur alongside gray paint, but here then I’d be wrong…dead wrong! Besides, these ORB-legged stools are top-shelf and couldn’t look better…Am I right?

I think it was just last week that I was ranting about the amazing distressed wood range hood in the photo. (That image is likely just below this posting) And it appears I’m still up on that range hood cloud, as this design ties the range hood to the floor here like the well matched shoe/belt combo you might find on an experienced crime fighter like Dick Tracy or Superman (when he’s Clark Kent).

This picture is a perfect depiction of perfect kitchen that quite possibly could have been outfitted with the inventory and expertise of There you can find various items on display here like this brilliant faucet, sink, wood range hood, recessed lighting and barn door hardware. Plus there’s always the pulls, handles, and vents. There’s also the organizational items within the drawers and behind the cabinet doors, but you’ll just have to use your imagination to picture those…or you could just boogie on over to the Kitchen Solutions section. As always, help is available and offered to you, so please reach out. If I don’t answer immediately (I will), I’m likely just getting closure on one of these new Netflix true crime dramas.

As always: Keep it moving forward and I’ll be here next Monday…will you?

Neutral gray cabinetry is beautifully accented with oil rubbed bronze accents and distressed barn wood.
Photo courtesy of Houzz and Burge Building Consultants

Mondays with Mike…5-2-2022 Edition Fourteen

Accenting a Neutral Color Scheme with Hardware and Lighting

Did they nail the color tones in this kitchen or what? I just love the neutral tones so expertly integrated here along with the accents of satin nickel. Never in history, has that NOT looked great. Seriously, look it up! If I didn’t know any better, I’d have guessed that this was a kitchen designed by me FOR me.

Reminds me of this: You know how if you watch enough of those HGTV shows, you can kind of predict what the self-anointed ‘celebrity’ flipper/designer will choose before they actually do. That could just be due to hypnosis for watching too much TV, or perhaps the ‘celebrity designer’ really does need to do a bit of self-scouting to avoid typecasting their design tendencies.

Enough about real celebrities and ‘design celebrities’, let’s talk about what we’ve got going on with the decorative touches on display here. As hinted at above, the twisty satin nickel pulls exude a look of royal opulence…which, if in YOUR real world is a bit too much, then a jelly-swathed hand from a young breakfast seeker can quickly bring this back to a reality more attuned to your own.

And if breakfast is indeed the meal being talked about, then these LED strip lighting lit bottles of what the English sometimes refer to as ‘drink’ will likely remain untouched for at least the next 10 hours or so…but who’s really watching the clock?

I’ll top this all off by directing praise towards this beautiful range hood and its matching ventilator. This ventilator will help remove cooking odors and move it magically into the outside air. This kitchen is aesthetically A++ and many of the key components are found at: Be good to yourself and others, and I’ll see you next week.

neutral kitchen with pops of satin nickel
Image Courtesy of Houzz

Mondays with Mike…4-25-2022 Edition Thirteen

Gold is back baby!

Gold finished hardware and matching dunce caps go hand in hand…apparently. Looking back several decades, I wasn’t a problem student when I was in grade school, but the threat of stepping out of line and thusly receiving the punishment of having to stand obediently in front of the classroom, subject to student mockery was enough to keep me behaviorally compliant. But I digress. Gold hardware, faucets, light fixtures etc are back in style.

Thankfully, those youthful days are gone and I’m now free to lead a life of compliance or deviance, depending on the equinox…and a coin flip. Some of that story is inaccurate, but what IS accurate is that these gold finished pulls and knobs are a fantastic aesthetic choice to pair with this beautiful blueberry painted cabinets. I just don’t think a Satin Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze finish would elevate this to the degree that this brilliant Gold finish does. A++ to the designer of this space!

If you look up, down and forward, you’ll notice some bold woodgrain choices on the floor, ceiling and as part of the floating shelves so appropriately on display here. Also coalescing nicely with the bold woodgrain theme underway would be this colossal cutting board…not to be mistaken for a baseball bat.

There’s lots of items here that have available to make your kitchen (and home) an overall better, brighter place to live in. Speaking of brighter, did you happen to notice the low-profile LED puck lighting overhead…maybe you’d even like to change that to a gold finish. If so, you likely now know where to go or who to call.

Cabinets featuring gold hardware
photo courtesy of houzz

Mondays with Mike…4-18-2022 Edition Twelve

Add high end style to your kitchen with a Wood Range Hood

Wow! This kitchen here is the bee’s knees as far as I can tell. A gorgeous wood range hood makes this design an instant classic. Almost a gold tint to what all we see here, which would make this a grand place to unveil the secrets of the masterpiece of a meal I often prepare: boxed Macaroni & Cheese! I know there’s likely a wealth of folks feeling a pinch of envy right now, but not everyone is cut out to possess such culinary gifts.

The satin nickel hardware pieces (and faucet) are doing their job when it comes to projecting a ‘high-end’ look to the kitchen. The satin nickel cup pulls and matching knobs/handles also have a hand in all of this upgrading, as well. You probably won’t, but don’t miss the coordinated/matching satin nickel ‘pot-filler’ faucet above the stove top. I’ve never owned one, but I have spilled water-filled pots all over the floor before, whilst making the careful move (obviously, not careful enough) from the sink to the stovetop. They ARE helpful…this I know. Am I the only one here who learns the hard way from their mistakes? Plus the handy pull-down faucet, essential for any modern kitchen.

Right above that ‘pot-filler’ is perhaps the best part of this kitchen…a Wooden Range Hood. These range hoods are available in a wealth of quality materials and finishes, as well as being sold in complete kits, which include the ventilator.

Whatever it is you’re interested in adding to or modifying, is here to help, so feel free to reach out.

wood range hood, faucets

Mondays with Mike…4-11-2022 Edition Eleven

Make the Most of your Closet Space with Pull-Out Pants Organizers

This one’s for all of the pants wearers out there – they’re totally optional, you know? What I’m showing you here today is a fantastic pull-out pants organizer from Rev-A-Shelf for you folks to hang it all up when you’re done for the day and ready to shut it all down. And, before we put it away, let’s hope you didn’t get any gravy on those slacks. If so, we’ve got a few hamper models we could/should talk about.

The butter-like ball bearing slide action on this pull-out pants organizer along with thoughtful use of closet accessories is sure to make your daily dress routine a special occasion. There’s reasons why this is important: Closet accessories help you stay organized (and unwrinkled). They often save or free up additional space. They look and feel great, plus…having and using them makes you feel like a bit like Royalty.

Sturdy as can be and just a few degrees North of these stylish ‘pantalones’, we see a beautifully finished storage basket to give your goods a well-ventilated ‘garage bin’ with the same smooth pulling action you’ll love. The sky’s the limit for whatever it may be you choose to stick in here: sweaters, towels, knick-knacks, snacks…who says there’s even rules for this kind of thing?

The elephant in the room would be these vacant uniform-sized slots. In real life these empty slots would likely be stuffed to the gills, but in this case, not just yet. Although I’m seeing a real opportunity for some wine bottles to be stored. Might I suggest 2022 is the year of the closet vineyard? What I’m NOT suggesting is wine with your morning shower and shave….oh, my!

If you want it, and you need it…it’s all at

image of pull-out pants organizer with closet baskets installed in closet
photo courtesy of Rev-A-Shelf

Mondays with Mike…4-4-2022 Edition Ten

Mondays with Mike header image

Can Slatwall Organization Save Your Life?

I wouldn’t know what to do with 3/4 of the items attached to the slatwall on display here. As a townhome owner/occupier (and monthly assessment donor), I consider myself fortunate enough to not have to do (m)any exterior yard chores or snow shoveling as part of my habitation duties. It’s a beautiful thing, as it suits my preferred lifestyle quite well. It also opens up free time for hobbies on the weekends (like Soap Carving, or Competitive Duck Herding) when you’re not bogged down doing exterior home maintenance and groundskeeping.

However, for those in the majority, I’d be remiss to not introduce the HandiWall® PVC Slatwall Organization System from HandiSolutions®. This system is essentially a Swiss Army knife-like configuration to keep your garage/hobby room organized and in top form. A house/garage is not a home without these comprehensive storage ‘staples’. And, for the approach, there’s some general ‘rack’ type of supports, which are super flexible for those types of tools that you tend to hang when you store them…I’m thinking: shovel, rake, hoe, broom….pool cue! No real need to go ‘general’ unless you choose to because HandiSolutions® has an exhaustive amount of super specialized hangers/hooks/shelves/tool racks/bags/bins/baskets/etc. to choose from when outfitting that PVC HandiWall® of yours. Spouse-permitting, you might even be able to outfit your kitchen pantry with some of the accessories shown here…you’ve just gotta use your imagination. That said, don’t blame me if your spouse doesn’t quite see eye-to-eye with you on the idea of installing HandiWall® Slatwall Organization into your kitchen pantry….and don’t feel bad; there’s always the garage or your hobby room.

Slatwall organization for your garage
Photo courtesy of HandiSolututions

Mondays with Mike…3-28-2022 Edition Nine

An Amazing Lift System and Gold Hardware Lift This Kitchen to the Highest Level

Mondays with Mike Header

As if the ultra-white walls and cabinets in this kitchen weren’t enough each day to wake you up and keep you that way for the next 3 days, then some super strong java made from the coffee caddy here just might. A quick first glance had me thinking this caddy was sitting atop a butcher block cutting board, not unlike one of the many we have for sale here at

I really can’t overstate just how fabulous their incorporation of gold finished hardware works in harmony with this bright white kitchen backdrop. From a design perspective, I would’ve expected a satin nickel finish…always a trustworthy option but, here, the choice was made to ‘go for the gold’…where have we heard that before?

You’ve also got to appreciate the amazing Lift System just above the caddy. I’m not sure if (m)any of you have had a chance to actually use one of these but, they are undeniably great! I’m just fascinated by how smooth, streamlined (and strong) they design these units to be. The arms on these are designed so precisely…they’re practically scientific in their make-up. We carry all of the top Lift Systems brands currently getting it done at a high level,… those top performers include: Blum, Grass and Salice. We’ve also got EZ configuration wizards on our site to help with the planning of your order and fulfillment of the right unit including ALL of the accompanying parts.

If you like Gold (and Lift Systems)…we’re your one-stop shop…can’t you tell?

An amazing lift system and gold decorative hardware give this kitchen a high end look and much energy.

Mondays with Mike…3-21-2022 Edition Eight

Re-craft Your Kitchen Into The Room You Don’t Want to Leave

The saying, as clichéd as it may be, is that the kitchen is the most social room in the house. It’s also typically the room with the most food and drink available, so perhaps it’s not too much of a stretch to figure out why. Do consider that there are no rules that I’m aware of prohibiting food intake from occurring in the mud or laundry rooms, so don’t let that stop you. But let’s talk about what’s really important, re-crafting your own kitchen into a room that both you and your guests won’t want to move from.

So many niceties here; so let’s start literally at the top with this amazing stainless steel cooking hood and vent. Woodworker Express is home to a huge assortment of range hoods, liners and accessories – a real one stop shop! A range hood can send your kitchen’s clout through the ceiling….it’s like the fireplace of the kitchen; everyone wants to be near it! The variety of matching horizontal and vertical oil rubbed bronze pulls on display here makes this kitchen a real winner. Additionally, the matching faucet and stainless sink duo (and related accessories) suggest this kitchen has a grand plan that none of us know about…yet fully support! Is anyone surprised that I haven’t yet mentioned our friendly feline here? I’m inclined to believe s/he is just about ready to dive into the sink…likely for a long-awaited and much anticipated Jacuzzi session. That’s what all the cats that I know do, anyways. Look, we could sit here and talk about cats all day, but this kitchen is truly amazing and is where awesome kitchens get their ‘sizzle’. It’s also where the core of these decorative kitchen staples are found – both ON TOP of the counters as well as beneath them. At, we’re all about the hidden organization and the flamboyant upgraded touches, so shop this year and find all that glitters! And re-craft your kitchen into the room that no one wants to leave.

A beautiful kitchen with black granite countertops... Re-craft your kitchen to be the heart of your home

Photo courtesy of

Mondays with Mike…3-14-2022 Edition Seven

Achieve Kitchen Nirvana with New Organizers and Decorative Hardware

Mondays with Mike header

We’re just past two months into a new year and that makes it a great time to kick things off with a bang from a decorative standpoint. So, let’s start off with a refresher: is THE place to shop for achieving overall Kitchen Nirvana! Our fantastic selection and amazingly large inventory of the greatest kitchen organizers and decorative hardware brands and products available is second to none.

Shall we analyze this photo? We’re definitely onboard here with this roll-out pantry organizer. If you want to talk about utilizing your storage space to the fullest, then this is ground zero for sure! You can ‘page through’ the shelves holding your dry goods like it’s an old Sears catalog….am I dating myself here? I mean, really, when you combine the shelving racks attached to the back of the doors along with the rotating carousel within, you are REALLY maximizing your storage space. I wouldn’t be surprised if having this piece installed also helps increase the home’s value…so nice!

Perched atop all of this and throughout the kitchen, we also see snow white cabinets…all perfectly outfitted with vertically-oriented satin nickel appliance pulls for a Class A look. Combine that with intra-cabinet LED lighting and BANG, you’ve got an amazing looking kitchen. This and all kitchens are the sum of its parts and that includes: organizers, fasteners, finishes, hardware, and so on….all of which are found at:

Pantry pullouts kitchen organizers and decorative hardware help this kitchen achieve "Kitchen Nirvana"

Photo courtesy of you!