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Having the right hinge for your cabinets is important to the look and functionality of your furniture. You might have:

  • Traditional hinges
  • European
  • Concealed
  • Specialty hinges

...and we carry an extensive line of all of them. We have a hinge for every need from all the major hinge manufacturers.

Sometimes, you might need to replace an existing hinge that has broken or worn out and, oftentimes, it is difficult to identify the correct replacement. Woodworker Express is your resource to help identify the correct hinge for your replacement. We simply need a little information up front from you.

Email the following information to us (click this email address to start an email) at to get started.

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1. What is the Brand Name of your hinge?

2. Looking at the hinge and base plate, what identification numbers are stamped on them?

3. Measure and write down your cabinet door overlay? Follow the steps in our How to Measure Cabinet Door Overlay tutorial

4. Please take pictures of the hinge and/or base plate to be replaced and attach them below. Photos should include multiple views including the top, side, and bottom of the hinge.

Image #1 (optional):

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Image #4 (optional):

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Note: To ensure the best overall function of your cabinet door, it is recommended to change all the hinges on a given door at the same time rather than just replacing one due to potential differences and functionality of the new hinges. Also, due to manufacturers changing hinge designs over the years, screw placement may not always match up to your existing holes.

shows top and bottom of long arm hingesimage showing top and bottom of baseplatesimage showing top and bottom of compact hinges

Or, Email us through your email client at to get started.

Text Us for Help Service

Or, using this site with a cell phone, send us a text message to 855-993-4968 with pictures and the hinge information above for assistance via our Text Us for help service. Someone will respond back to you shortly.