How to Choose Undermount Drawer Slides

Image of cabinet with drawer open

Designing or redesigning a kitchen requires tons of decisions. The cabinets and drawers make a big impact and often become the focus of the kitchen’s new design. The choices don’t end once the color of cabinetry is chosen, though. Something as simple as how the drawers will be mounted will make a difference in your enjoyment and use of them through the years. Undermount slides are a great option for smoothness and a clean look. Here are some ideas to consider when wondering how to choose undermount drawer slides.

How Do Undermount Slides Work?

Undermount slides come as a pair and are mounted to the cabinet below the drawer and then attach to the drawer. They work using a ball-bearing method, creating easy-to-operate drawers that glide smoothly when being opened and closed.

Undermount Slides Are a Clean Option

We don’t often consider whether or not our drawer slides are clean—until one gets stuck because so much dirt and grime have built up.

A benefit of the slides being mounted underneath the drawer is they collect less dust simply because of their position.

Undermount Slides Look Better

Just as slides that are underneath the drawer stay cleaner, they also give your cabinets and drawers a clean, sophisticated look due to the fact that they’re unseen when opening a drawer. You want to showcase your cabinetry, not the drawer slides. This makes them perfect for the job.

Choosing the Right Undermount Slides for Your Needs

Knowing the height and width of a drawer will be necessary when deciding how to choose undermount drawer slides. Measure properly to assure you get the right slides. A large, deep drawer will require a different undermount slide than your smallest drawer, for instance.

Decide how you want the drawer to close. Soft close options are available in most undermount slides, allowing the drawer to close slowly and quietly. In other words, no more pinched fingers or slamming drawers.

Your budget will, of course, play a factor when you choose drawer slides. There are economy options and more luxurious ones. Either way, undermount drawer slides are a safe bet for smooth drawers and sleek design.


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