How Do I Choose A Blum Hinge Mounting Plate

How to Choose A Blum Hinge Mounting Plate

Choosing a mounting plate can be challenging even for an experienced cabinet maker! To make the right choice, you need to complete a few steps:

  1. Make sure you note the manufacturer for your hinge and search for a plate from the same manufacturer.
  2. Measure your cabinet overlay in millimeters. For assistance, please read our handy article, How to Measure Cabinet Door Overlay (opens in new window).
  3. Once you determine your overlay, using the metric measurement, check the table below to find the plate height. The H - column is the Plate height to use for your application. The B (blue row below the table) section gives you the Boring Distance (drilling distance from the edge of the door).

    Example:  If your overlay is 16 mm, you need a 0mm Plate Height and a Boring Distance of 5mm.

    Sample chart showing hinge plate heights 

  4. Go to the Cabinet Hinges/Hinge Mounting Plates (opens in new window) category.
  5. Using the filter on the left side of the page, make the following choices and then click Show:
    1. Select the hinge manufacturer
    2. Select the type of Cabinet: Frameless (sometimes called panel) or Face Frame
    3. Select the Plate Height from the Overlay table attached in the additional images.
      • Note: there can be multiple solutions for the mounting plate height and boring distance combinations.  Your choice may be influenced by the reveal between doors on your application. See the corresponding minimum reveal table for the hinge model. The minimum reveal table is also shown in the additional images section above.
    4. Select the Plate Type: Wing 1-piece, Wing 2-piece or In-line (Straight)
    5. Choose the correct Fixing Type for your needs: Screw-on or Wood screws, System (Euro) screws, Press-in Dowels, Expanding Dowels or Tool-Free.

image showing different hinge connection types



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