Sales Tax / Tax Exemption

Sales Tax / Tax Exemption

How do I use my tax exempt status?

Exempt purchasers need to provide a copy of the state’s exemption certificate (a copy of the resale certificate will not suffice). Certificates for taxable states can be found below:

Sales taxes are charged in the following states (click state name to download exemption certificate forms):

Arkansas Massachusetts Oklahoma
Connecticut Michigan Pennsylvania
Illinois Minnesota Rhode Island
Indiana Mississippi South Dakota
Iowa Missouri Tennessee
Kansas Nebraska Vermont
Kentucky New Jersey Virginia
Maine New York West Virginia
Maryland Ohio Wisconsin

How to submit this information:

First, place your order through our website; as soon as you receive your shipment confirmation, please submit the certificate by fax or email referencing the order number so that the sales tax can be adjusted off of the order. Our fax number is (844) 993-4968 and our email address is Once your certificate is received it will remain on file for future orders. Remember if you have ship to’s in multiple states to send us your exemption certificate for each state.


Open Account Billing:

If you would like Open Account Billing, please visit our Payment Options page for details and a credit application.