Blum METABOX Configurator

For a more contemporary look to your cabinet drawers, check out the Blum METABOX economical steel drawer system for your kitchen, bath room, office, commercial, or healthcare applications.

The METABOX includes 3/4 extension drawers with minor extension loss when fully opened (320 series) and over-extension (330 series) with no loss. BLUMOTION with BLUMATIC self-closing option is available in one mechanism and can easily be added to METABOX 320 Series.

Installation is fast and easy! And, to make it even easier, we encourage you to use our METABOX EZ Configurator to help you identify all of the METABOX parts and accessories for your needs.

Follow the instructions step-by-step to create your Parts List. Then, add the needed pieces to your Shopping Cart when you are satisfied.

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Blum METABOX Drawer System